The reader is myself, Philip Snow, living in North Staffordshire, England.

For more information about me, see:

Love Begins With Me film, of which I am the producer for The Love Foundation. The mission of the film is ‘to reveal the heart of humanity’.

‘Love Begins With Me film’ channel on YouTube which features videos in which I interview guests who explain their experience of ‘love begins with me’.

The Love Foundation, a Florida, U.S.-based not-for-profit organisation having the mission ‘to inspire people to love unconditionally’; where I am a member of the board.

The Love Foundation’s channel on YouTube, which includes my interviews of Harold W Becker, the founder and president of The Love Foundation; and a number of meditations on unconditional love which I wrote and narrated.

New Living, of which I am the founder. The mission of New Living is ‘Creating a more loving world to help us through to a Golden Age’.

New Living’s channel on Youtube in which I explain my understanding of the process which our world is going through at the present time, and how we can successfully navigate the period of great change as a Golden Age dawns.

Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet – a number of detailed plans for building magnetic devices to produce free energy. Not my invention, but I am hosting the website on behalf of the original source who is concerned for his own safety – yet another thread in my efforts to help people through to a Golden Age.

My personal channel on YouTube which includes my narrations of Kahlil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ and a number of songs I’ve sung and recorded.

If you wish to get in touch with me, please use the ‘Contact’ form (above).